Membership Qualifications:

  • Any person interested in the brewing of beer, cider or mead making and at least 21 years of age may become a member, contingent upon meeting the requirements of a “membership in good standing.”
  • New guests are welcome to attend up to three club meeting before making the decision on actual membership.
  • All members, new or renewal will complete and sign an annual membership application which will be maintained by the Treasurer. Normally, renewal will occur during January’s meeting.


The amount of annual membership dues has been determined by the Club Officers and is currently $24 individually and a couple rate is set at $36. The membership fee is prorated ($2 individual and $3 family monthly) throughout the year pursuant to the following conditions:

  • New membership
  • Military service requirements (Note: It is the member’s responsibility to notify the Treasurer of mission related absents so that he/ she will be credited the following year.)
  • Other hardships (decided on a case by case basis by the board of officers)

Annual membership fees for the next year will be due at the January meeting and will cover a twelve month period (January-December). All members not paid by the January meeting will have their membership privileges suspended. Members not having paid their annual dues by the February meeting will be notified by the Treasurer and/or President and removed from the active members’ role. Membership can/will be reinstated upon payment of annual membership dues.

Membership Dues Cover:

  • Participation in outings and bus trips to beer related destinations (breweries, festivals, educational events, etc.)
  • The annual summer picnic (Anniversary Party)
  • Members first entries into the New South Brew Off
  • The annual holiday party
  • A comprehensive club website and Facebook account.
  • Other voted club expenses

New Members:

New members may be accepted through September 30th of the current year and will resume in January of the following year and will be subject to meeting the requirements of members in good standing. New members can join at any general meeting. (Before or after the formal meeting)

Download and complete the 2018 Membership Application and bring cash or check (Payable to Clarksville Carboys)  to the monthly meeting or fill out the form below and pay via Paypal.

Why join the Clarksville Carboys Homebrew Club?

Membership has the following benefits:

    1. Receive and be included in the Club member contact List
    2. Receive the monthly meeting agenda as well as post meeting minutes
    3. Participation in all “Members Only” club functions
      1. Some Brew Sessions / parties are designated “Members Only”
      2. Participate in Bulk Grain/ Hop buys (when available).
    4. Have a voice at club meetings. Guests are welcome to attend but are reminded that this is a meeting of club members. If you want to be part of the meeting, make suggestions, be able to second an idea or have voting rights… become a member
    5. Have the club pay for your first beer entry into the Music City Brew-off (MCBO)
    6. Run for officer positions the following year. (See By-laws for specifics)
    7. Be able to rent club equipment… (Big Blue, Pop-ups) inquire for more information
    8. Access to the Knowledge of Other More Experienced Club Members
    9. 10% off Brewing Related Supplies/ Equipment at The Grog Homebrew Supply Store
    10. Coverage under the club liability insurance policy
    11. Sample club members’ latest homemade beer, mead or cider.
    12. Gain valuable knowledge necessary to become a Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) judge
    13. Partake in internal club competitions
    14. Take field trips to breweries, pubs and more!
    15. Listen to guest lecturers from the hobby and professional brewing industry
    16. Discuss the latest in homebrewing innovations

Click here for the couples membership application.








INDEMNIFICATION OF THE CLARKSVILLE CARBOYS, CLUB OFFICERS AND ANYONE ELSE ASSOCIATED WITH A CLUB FUNCTION OR EVENT FROM YOUR PARTICIPATION: Clarksville Carboys is a homebrewing club; there is beer, both commercial and home brewed, at meetings. We do not condone the consumption of alcohol in excess; consumption in excess will affect your perceptions, your reaction time, and your ability to operate a motor vehicle or the consumption of alcohol by minors.
Your participation in Club events is entirely voluntary. By signing and dating this form, below, you accept responsibility for you and your guests conduct, behavior and actions and completely absolve Clarksville Carboys, Club Officers, and anyone else associated with a Club function or event of responsibility for your conduct, behavior and actions.
We reserve the right to cancel an individual’s membership if he or she does not abide by these guidelines.

I accept responsibility as described above.