Barrel Project 3.0

English Barleywine aged in Chattanooga Whiskey Barrel

Brewing Date: No later than September 30th
Barrel Fill Date: November 5, 2017
Commitments: 11 of 11 to fill the 55 gallon barrel
Bottling: July 28, 2018

18# Maris Otter
1# Aromatic
1# Caravienne
.5# Caramunich1
.2oz Special B

1oz Northern Brewer @60 min
1oz EKG or Fuggle @15 min.
1oz EKG or Fuggle @10 min.

MASH NOTES: If you have a small mash tunn, you will need to split this into two batches in order to achieve at least 1.12 OG. If at least an 80 Qt tunn it can be done in one batch, but at least an 8 gallon pre boil volume to achieve desired 6 gal wort (you will lose 1 gal to trubb)…Do all you can to increase efficiency: 1, Mash at 149 deg and hold for 1 hour ( every 15 minutes draw off 1 gal of wort and reheat to 180 , re- add to mash to maintain temp.) 2. Re-circulate (vorlauf) for 15 minutes then batch sparge. BOIL 2 hours minimum. (beware of jet burners…they WILL caramelize the wort.) Check the post boil gravity at final hop addition.. If necessary add DME or syrup to get at least 1.12 OG. YEAST Add plenty of yeast nutrient to the boil. Aerate the heck out of the wort before pitching . Pitch ALL 3 vials WLP002 English Ale, WLP007 Strong English, WLP070 Bourbon. Remember at least 6 gal to accommodate massive trubb. Blowoff tube recommended. Ferment at normal room temp under 72 deg.