About Us

Welcome to the ‘net home of the Clarksville Carboys, Clarksville Tennessee’s original homebrew club.

The Clarksville Carboys are a group of homebrewers and beer lovers that meet on the 3rdOriginal_Carboys
Saturday of each month* to share beer, brewing knowledge, friendship and good times. Our goal is to advance the knowledge of homebrewers in the Clarksville, TN Hopkinsville, KY and Ft. Campbell areas. Any adult of legal drinking age is welcome to join us. Come on out and learn about brewing, share good beer and have fun. We start each meeting with a style tasting where we sample various beers within the month’s BJCP style. Bring some good, quality beer to share, whether it’s homebrew or store bought isn’t important.

Log in to Facebook and join the group to follow our plans and discussions. Group 1This is our primary means of communication. Several of our members host open brew sessions so you can drop by and learn about brewing and talk beer with us. The times, dates & locations of the brew sessions are announced on our Facebook page, so join the group then come on out and join us.

* Occasionally, our meetings will be scheduled around events and so will from time to time be on a Saturday other than the third. Please see our calendar for specific dates to verify meeting dates, times and locations.  Our meetings are primarily held at O’Connor’s Irish Pub and at other locations such as the craft breweries in the community. Location and directions will be posted at least a week in advance. Please remember to drink responsibly and have fun safely.Bottles 1