Monthly Meetings

Our meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Occasionally, we have to schedule around another event such as the New South Brew Off, the Music City Brew Off, a holiday or a National Event, such as the American Homebrewers Association’s Big Brew Day. Please see our calendar to confirm the date & time of an upcoming meeting. The following paragraphs will give you an idea of what to expect at a meeting.

Style Tastings:BJCP Style Tasting
Each month, before the beginning of club business, we have a tasting of the current month’s chosen BJCP style category. The style guidelines are discussed, as well as how the examples fit into and/or represent the style.

Club Business:
After the style tastings, we call the meeting to order. During the meeting, we discuss club plans, events, propose various changes to club procedures, hold annual club elections in January, etc.

Each meeting we have two raffles to raise funds for the club.

The beer raffle winner takes home a box of beer. If you want a chance to win, bring a bottle for the box. Homebrew or a bottle of craft beer will both work. When you put your beer in the raffle box, you’re given a numbered ticket. All ticket numbers are placed in a cup and a winner is drawn.

The “beer gear” raffle requires a cash buy-in. $1 per ticket or $2 for 3 tickets gets you in. Winner receives a beer-related prize that will be on display at the beginning of the meeting. We try to keep the raffle prize at around a $10 value to keep the raffle ticket price at $1/per. We may occasionally raffle off a more valuable item, in which case the ticket price will be increased accordingly.

Drink and Talk Beer:
After the meeting is adjourned, we get to the best part: sharing & drinking beer! Brewers who bring some of their brew to share briefly tell a bit about their offering and pass the brew around for pouring by those who wish to try it. Store-bought beer is also welcome, and will be shared similarly. Many will say that this is the best part of the meeting. We share beer while talking about brewing, sharing ideas, techniques, recipes, and did I mention beer?

 Please remember to drink responsibly and have fun safely.

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