Clarksville Carboys members have an impressive collection of steel. We’re generally a modest bunch, but now and then ya just gotta toot your own horn! Congratulations to all of our winners! Keep up the great brewing, ladies and gents!

Clarksville Carboys Hardware Department

White, JNew South Brew Off 2017Munich HellesGold2017-08-12
White, JNew South Brew Off 2017Irish Red AleGold2017-08-12
Brewer, DNew South Brew Off 2017Sweet StoutSilver2017-08-12
Brewer, DNew South Brew Off 2017SaisonSilver2017-08-12
Reynolds, PNew South Brew Off 2017Berliner WeisseSilver2017-08-12
Kerski, JMCBO 2014Robust PorterBronze2014-11-09
Sapp, MMCBO 2014Belgian Dark StrongGoldnSilver Best of Show2014-11-09
Visger, JMCBO 2014California CommonHonorable Mention2014-11-09
White, JMCBO 2014Ordinary BitterGold2014-11-09
Visger, JBig Muddy Monster 2014Vienna LagerGoldnBronze Best of Show2014-10-05
Visger, JBig Muddy Monster 2014Bohemian PilsnerBronze2014-10-05
Sapp, MTaste of TN 2014Belgian Dark StrongGold2014-08-16
Sapp, MNHC 2014Belgian Specialty AleGold2014-04-26
Sapp, MExtravaganza! 2014Belgian SpecialtyGoldnBronze Best of Show2014-02-12
Sapp, MExtravaganza! 2014Fruit BeerBronze2014-02-12
Visger, JFugetaboutit 2013Bohemian PilsnerGold2013-12-07
Visger, JMCBO 2013Scottish Export 80/-Gold2013-11-03
Visger, JExtravaganza! 2013American Brown AleBronze2013-02-23
Visger, JFugetaboutit 2012American Pale AleHonorable Mention2012-12-08
Clark, CMCBO 2012Vegetable, Herb & Spice BeersSilver2012-11-04
Dyer, BMCBO 2012Strong AleSilver2012-11-04