NHC 1st Round Nashville

Fellow Beer Folks,
Here is the list of judging times and dates for this years 2016 National Homebrewing Competition 1st round Nashville.

All of the events will be at Blackstone Brewing Company​ production facility 2312 Clifton Ave, Nashville, TN. Styles judges at each session will depend heavily on the turnout of judges and will be determined at that time.

3/30 Wednesday 6 pm – 9 pm
3/31 Thursday 6 pm – 9 pm
4/1 Friday 10 am – 1 pm (1 hour brake), 2 pm – 5 pm (1 hour brake), 6 pm – 9 pm
4/2 Saturday 10 am – 1 pm (1 hour brake), 2 pm – 5 pm (1 hour brake), 6 pm – 9 pm
I ask that all volunteers arrive on site at least 1 hour prior to the start of the scheduled session to allow for check in and briefing.Volunteers that wish to be part of set up please contact Art Whitaker or myself personally for times.
As always, thank you. This would not be possible without your continued support.
John Lawless
Judge Coordinator
NHC Nashville 2016

Learn to Homebrew Day

Saturday, November 7 at 10:00am

The goal is to teach our non-brewer friends the art of making beer at home. Learn to Homebrew Day (LTHD) was established by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) in 1999 to encourage homebrewers to introduce their non-brewer friends and family to the most rewarding hobby, obsession and lifestyle since the beginning of time! Mark your calendars… see you there.

The Grog – 2060 Ft Campbell Blvd Suite 4 Clarksville, TN 37042

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